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Intro to the Back-end

Learn more about our back-end approach here.


⚒ Our back-end is built using the ⚡ FastAPI ⚡ framework.

We definitely would not have a fully functioning REST API (with documentation!) if it wasn't for FastAPI's tool and aim to speed up development.

  • OpenAPI standards enforced along with automatic Swagger documentation. This was an important feature for our front-end team to learn how to communicate with our API.
  • ORM support between database models and API response schemas. This is done through SQLALchemy (database API) and Pydantic (schema library).
  • FastAPI is ready for production! Unlike other python frameworks, FastAPI is easily ready for production with minimal changes. Uvicorn helps this process as it runs FastAPI on an ASGI server.


📤 Our back-end is deployed using AWS EC2, along with an NGINX webserver.

  • AWS EC2 allows us to easily scale our website. It offers more control over how our app is served and has better pricing in the long-run.
  • NGINX is easier to learn than Apache as a college student with little background in XML syntax.

You can check out our REST API here.

We get most of our data by quering Yelp's GraphQL API.