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Run the Back-end Locally

Install and run locally.

👩‍👧 Clone repository

$ git clone
---> 100%

Navigate into the repository

$ cd yumz
// Now you are in the repostiory 😁

Navigate to yumz/backend

$ cd yumz
// Now you are in our main app folder 😎
$ cd backend
// Now you are in our back-end app folder 👩‍💻

You should find yourself here:

        └───backend <-- you are here

🐍 Create Python virtual environment

There are a good amount of depencies for this project -- it will be good practice to use a virtual environment, albeit not necessary.

python3 -m venv env
python -m venv env
python -m venv env

The last argument is the location to create the virtual environment. Generally, you can just create this in your project and call it env.

✅ Activate virtual environment

source env/bin/activate

📦 Install packages

$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

---> 100%

Running the Backend API

🦄 Run Fast API using uvicorn

$ uvicorn app.main:app --reload

←[32mINFO←[0m:     Uvicorn running on ←[1mhttp://←[0m (Press CTRL+C to quit)
←[32mINFO←[0m:     Started reloader process [←[36m←[1m38240←[0m] using ←[36m←[1mstatreload←[0m
←[32mINFO←[0m:     Started server process [←[36m13020←[0m]
←[32mINFO←[0m:     Waiting for application startup.
←[32mINFO←[0m:     Application startup complete.